Film Centre of Montenegro will support three projects in the category of minority co-productions in the amount of EUR 137,000.00. This decision was made by the five-member Commission consisting of Gojko Berkuljan, director, Jovana Bojović, scriptwriter, Pavle Simonović, director, Zoran Živković, producer and Žaklina Oštir, actress and president of the Commission.

On the basis of the Decision, the following projects were supported: “Heavens Above” (“Nebesa”) by Srđan Dragojević, co-produced by Montenegro Max Film, “Avenge” (“Krvno maščevanje”) by Marija Zidar, co-produced by Seagull Entertainment and “Gym” by Srđan Vuletić and co-production company Dogma studio.

For the project “Heavens Above” by Srđan Dragojević, the Commission assessed that it was a “satirical triptych, which from realistically set situations often turns into surrealism and fantasy, with a specific authorial approach in interpretation of the topic of human spiritual mutation under the auspices of social fall, decadence and the erosion of the system of values, with great potential for international success”. For the project „Avenge” by Marija Zidar, the Commission stated that it is “an extremely brave, strong and shaky documentary film that, in an open way, without hesitation, is depicting the cruelty and senselessness of certain customs that are rooted in our region, and through the analysis of tradition opens a story about the world of corruption, hypocrisy and exploitation”. The project “Gym” by Srđan Vuletić, was rated as a “project with an intelligent approach to the topic, with a diligence  and unpretentiousness in the editorial approach, which in an interesting and explicit manner is explaining the universal social norms that often lead to unintended destruction”.