A two-day training programme “EAVE on Demand – 2 day formula” was successfully completed in Podgorica, organized by the Film Center of Montenegro in cooperation with one of the most prestigious training programmess for film professionals – EAVE.

The first day of the program consisted of two master classes. Through his own vast experience and work in numerous international productions and co-productions, Katriel Schory, through a master class titled “The role of the producer”, has informed the participants in details of what it means to be a producer in the international film productions, sheading the light on both risks and problems in daily work of the producers, passing through all the questions, doubts and difficulties that are of crucial importance for a better understanding of the position of producers in the contemporary film industry.

The second master class titled “Road map to co-production”, of the producer Lisa Lense-Møller, has provided the participants with a comprehensive overview of the model of international film co-productions. The focus was placed on the models and types of co-productions, motives behind entering the co-production, ways of achieving cooperation, finding the “right” co-producer for the project, and other requirements necessary for the realization of co-productions.

On the second day, the nine producers worked with mentors in a small group and individually using concrete case studies related to the implementation of low-budget films and concrete examples of co-production cooperation. The participants of this workshop were Bojana Radulović, Milena Charan, Maja Kecojević, Milorad Radenović, Biljana Vušović, Veliša Popović, Biljana Tutorov, Anja Sekulić and Marko Jaćimović.

The “EAVE on Demand – 2 day formula” is the first in a row of workshops and training programmes that the Film Center of Montenegro plans to implement in the area of film education and professional development.


Katriel Schory (Israeli Film Fund) studied at the Film School in New York and returned to Israel in 1973 to join Castell Films in Jerusalem (at that time the leading production company in Israel) as the head of the production. He was responsible for producing a large number of documentary and television series and co-productions that won numerous Israeli and international awards. In 1983, he worked as a contributor to the award-winning film “Beyond the Wall”. In 1984, he founded the production company Belfilms Ltd, which had produced over 200 films until 1999, including various award-winning feature and documentary films, TV shows and international co-productions. Since 1999 he has been the Executive Director of the prestigious Film Fund of Israel. In 2018 he was awarded the honorary Golden Camera Award at Berlin for Life Achievement.

Lise Lense-Møller is the producer and executive director of Magic Hour Films (Denmark). She produced and collaborated on a large number of both feature and documentary and short films. The Magic Hour Films company focuses on creative documentary and artistic films with international potential, such as the film “BURMA VJ – Reporting from the Closed State” by Anders Østergaard, who has 52 international awards and nominations for the Oscar. In addition, Lisa has a long-standing success in professional film education. Lisa is a central figure in the Danish and European film industry, and she’s engaged in national film politics as a member of the board of directors of the Association of Producers.