The Film Centre is managed by the Council which:

  • adopts the statute of the Film Centre;
  • defines business policy and programme concept of the Film Centre’s development;
  • adopts the work programme of the Film Centre; adopts artistic programme and rules on the implementation of the artistic programme of the Film Centre;
  • adopts the Act on internal organization and systematization of work positions in the Film Centre, as well as other general acts;
  • adopts activity and financial reports of the Film Centre;
  • determines the price of products and services provided by the Film Centre, with the prior approval of the state administration body responsible for financial affairs;
  • proposes to the founder status changes for the Film Centre;
  • adopts the Council’s Rules of Procedure;
  • performs other activities under the law, statute and other general acts of the Film Centre.

The Council of the Film Centre of Montenegro consists of the following members:

  • Edin Jašarović, president;
  • Irena Tatar, member;
  • Slaviša Čurović, member;
  • Bogić Rakočević, member;
  • Danijela Radulović, member before the public institution Film Centre.