Film Centre of Montenegro offers incentives for foreign producers that intend to film in Montenegro.

Productions has the possibility to get a cash rebate of the invested funds for the film/television project. The refund can cover up to 25% of eligible expenditures spent in Montenegro for the making of the film and is granted after meeting certain conditions. The right to a cash rebate may be granted to the producer of a cinematographic work, a co-producer or production company that performs a service, provided that:

  1. the funds spent for the realisation of a cinematographic work in Montenegro are not provided from the budget of Montenegro or the Film Centre and are not less than EUR 100,000;
  2. all taxes, contributions and other fiscal obligations prescribed by law have been previously settled in Montenegro;
  3. there are no bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings against the producer; and
  4. a producer or co-producer has at least one feature film that was shown to the public.

Institution in charge of the procedure: Film Centre of Montenegro
Formats eligible: feature films, documentaries, TV films and series
Minimum spend: 100.000 euros
Qualifying test – minimum 15 points: cultural content, use of film crew and talents, use of production capacities


For more information on the application process, required documents and eligible costs, please download the file below:

DECREE – Refund of part of the funds spent on the production of a cinematographic work.