It takes a great deal of effort, possibly unsuccessful, to find a country like Montenegro. A small country of indescribable magical beauty, abundant in natural beauties of all kinds – the sea, mountains, canyons, rivers, beaches and everything else that links with epithets, in this case and not so ambitious as magnificent, breathtaking or, simply, divine. In addition to the various natural beauties, Montenegro has glorious cultural heritage representing a testimony of a rich and turbulent past – medieval, oriental, Venetian, Austro-Hungarian, anti-fascist, social-realism remains and landmarks that are uniquely intertwined in different regions, allocated in old town units, religious facilities (churches, mosques and cathedrals), and urban areas. In recent years, our country is undergoing a construction process followed by the modern facilities and hotels that are difficult to find in the widest possible environment. Montenegro is the country you must visit to witness all the above.