Human rights culture has not yet taken root in Montenegro, although much has been done in that direction as far as the advancement of legal framework is concerned. One of the reasons lies in a weakly developed awareness about human rights, ways in which they can be enforced and upheld, forms of violations and mechanisms of protection. The question that motivated us to seek a different, more innovative and fresher way to communicate human rights-related problems was: how to make these issues more sensitive, more painful and more immediate? Provocative and direct, the medium of film is an excellent way to truly face the victims and the perpetrators, unbearable injustices and unbelievable bravery, the weakness and the strength of humanity in the contemporary world.

The goal of FAST FORWARD Human Rights Film Festival Montenegro, the first and only of its kind in Montenegro, is to raise awareness amongst the citizens of Montenegro about relevance of human rights, their protection and promotion, and foster a system of values which underpins harmonious relations between different people – whatever the grounds for their difference.

Fast Forward Festival begins on the International Human Rights Day (10 December).