The Green Montenegro International Film Fest is recognised as a centre of ecological and cultural identity of the state of Montenegro, as well as a driver of concrete actions and  sustainable ideas in the field of protection and preservation of natural resources of our country. The significance of the project is reflected in the fact that the GMIFF has mapped Montenegro in the world list of the Green Film Network environmental events and thus made the festival internationally recognised with the aim of creating a particular image and  exclusivity of the first constitutionally defined ecological country on the planet. The project is a direct response to Montenegro’s need to permanently get an original film festival,  based on the concept of ecology, which will contribute to the development of social thought and the shaping of further trends in the development of culture, education and social activism aimed at environmental protection. The Festival also unites contemporary tendencies of the intertwining of different social sectors, such as public institutions, cultural institutions, the NGO sector, etc.


T: + 382 68 710 578