The Seanema Film Fest is an open-air human rights film festival which, by combining cinema and civic activism, introduces the concept of arts for social change in Montenegro. The idea upon which the Seanema was initially designed was to offer to the multinational, multi- ethnic and multi-confessional audiences a space for an open dialogue about human rights issues in Montenegro. Our focus lies in promoting the social and economic empowerment of women of all age groups, the education and inclusion of minorities, as well as the overall progress of the society based on principles of innovation. The Festival includes in its program a wide range of activities, such as movie screenings (competitive and non- competitive categories), open panels for discussion, workshops for young professionals and art exhibitions. Ultimately, we aim to turn the Seanema into a go-to human rights film festival in the region and a place which successfully promotes multiculturalism as the emblem of Montenegro.

“Seanema” is all about bringing people to enjoy movies that enrich human spirit on a giant, outdoor screen overlooking the sea under a star-lit sky. The goal is to give people food for thought and to empower them to act for the betterment of the society!


Address: Kodre bb, Ulcinj 85360 Montenegro