Film Centre of Montenegro becomes the newest member of the European Film Commissions Network  EUFCN.


EUFCN (European Film Comissions Network) is non profit organization that supports and promotes European film industry and culture. Founded in 2007 in Brussels, its main goals are to create a network of the most active European Film Commissions; to promote the exchange of information between members; to sustain the development of location searches and shooting opportunities; and to carry out professional and educational activities for its members.


Furthermore, EUFCN is also involved in promoting Film Commission activities with Public Institutions, the European Community and the film industry; conducting projects funded by the European Union; supporting the film industry; organizing seminars and conferences; analyzing the needs of producers of films and TV series and meeting these needs.


Commenting on the occasion of this latest membership of the Film Centre of Montenegro, it’s Managing Director Mr. Sehad Čekić said: “Our efforts in promoting Montenegro as a film-friendly destination in this short period of time have shown promising results, considering the limitations that we face as a low production capacity country. We recognize that in order to achieve the highest professional standards and to implement the best practices we need support from key authorities in the European cinematographic sector, and we count EUFCN as one of them. This is especially important in the light of COVID-19 pandemic, which is rapidly changing the established modes of production and distribution of cinematographic works and requires increased international cooperation.”


European Film Commissions Network has close to 100 members, made up of local, regional and national film commissions. The network is managed by a Board of Directors, whose 8 members are selected among the most prominent representatives of European film commissions. Its headquarters are in Brussels.