Interweaving of climate types, permanent rotation of southern and northern air cur- rents make these areas suitable habitat for over three thousand plant species, including many endemic and relict species.

Especially significant is the wealth of me- dicinal and aromatic herbs, wild fruits and edible fungi. Dark conifer forest (spruce, pine, fir) are credited for the name of the country – Montenegro. This is the home of one of the two European virgin forests – Biogradska gora.

You can find over three hundred animal species, including some that are rare elsewhere. Apart from wolves, bears, chamois, doe, marten and lynx you can find otter, griffon vulture, golden eagle, peregrine falcon, hawk, tufted duck; Apollo butterfly, rocky mole, alpine shrew mouse, common Goldeneye… There are also significant species of amphibians, snakes, lizards, and most interesting is the triton – alpine newt.