Mountain lakes are mostly glacier lakes, doomed to slow disappearance.

The largest are Crno jezero (Black Lake), Plavsko and Biogradsko, and as for their beauty the following single out Hridsko, Zabojsko, Zminje, Škrčko, Trnovačko, Pešića Lake… Whether they embraced by coniferous trees or grass, their water is clean and pleasant for swimming in summer, and is always interesting to anglers.
There are many legends about emergence of these lakes.

Skadar Lake collects water from the moun- tains intended for the Adriatic Sea. They are brought to the lake by the rivers Zeta, Cijevna and Morača and conveyed by Bojana to the sea. All others rivers rush to the Black Sea: Tara, Piva, Lim with a wide network of tributaries and streams. Waters are a great wealth of Montenegro: clean, fresh, mostly wild and impetuous, stronger than rock. They etch deep canyons, roll snow and trees, hide big fish, refresh and inspire…