drama / 88′

Milutin’s harmony of life collapses when his wife Magdalena experiences a car accident, defending her body of a one-year-old son who was entrusted with the care of Milutin. Magdalena remains immobile. Love between Milutin and Magdalena has always been at the highest possible level, and this remains in a series of situations, because the accident never goes by itself. It only remains for them to take care of what they care about, with the help of life circumstances, and that is the happiness of their son Jacob, but for Jacob, as a young man, temptations are only beginning.

Director: Milutin Darić Daka

Production: Portun D (ME)

Cast: Milan Kovačević, Maja Šarenac, Nada Vukčević, Petar Kažić, Emir Ćatović, Branimir Popović, Petar Božović, Mladen Nelević, Saša Petrović, Ljubica Barać, Miloš Pejović, Omar Bajramspahić, Slaviša Grubiša, Vanja Jovićević, Miodrag Manerik, Pavle Popović, Marko Todorović