In the course of this year, the Film Centre of Montenegro will encourage five projects in the category of co-financing films in production. This ensued from the decision of the Council, on the proposal of expert consultants – Zoran Živković, producer, Jelena Filipović, producer and Ivan Marinović, director.

In line with the decision, the following projects were supported: “Surogat za Vuda” (Surrogate for Vud), directed by Senad Šahmanović, “Posle zime” (After the Winter), directed by Ivan Bakrač, “Čeka se… Godo”( The wait for.. Godot), directed by Momir Matović, “Mali čovjek u velikom kaputu”( A Little Man in a Big Coat), directed by Miloš Prodanović and Milo Bešović, as well as “Soul of nature”, directed by Slavko Klikovac.

As regards the project Surogat za Vuda”, directed by Senad Šahmanović, expert consultants stated that it was a “carefully developed film project which is from various aspects of significance for Montenegrin culture. Apart from the undoubted potential for international success at festivals and on television, the film brings attention to the work and life path of one of the most noteworthy figures in the history of cinema in this region – Dušan Vukotić”. The project “Posle zime”, directed by Ivan Bakrač, was depicted as a “sincere, intimate and subtle auteur film that, while addressing the universal theme of dilemmas of young people on the threshold of adulthood, reinvigorates both Montenegrin and regional cinematography and affirms the new potential of the Montenegrin theater. The film has increased its potential for international accomplishment during the stage of script development by participating in the Berlinale Talents. It also got through the Works in Progress in Karlovy Vary, it is showing some promise concerning participation at the relevant world festivals, with good potential for cinema distribution as well.”

In the case of the project “Čeka se…Godo”, directed by Momir Matović, consultants say that it is “a new short documentary project that brings a brand-new dimension to the lucidity of the well-known Montenegrin auteur Momir Matović. In dealing with the unveiling of the monument in Podgorica dedicated to Josip Broz Tito, the auteur develops a striking work through cinematic means exclusively”. “Mali čovjek u velikom kaputu”, directed by Miloš Prodanović and Milo Bešović, was described by expert consultants as “an animated short film that, through a simple emotional premise draws attention to poverty and injustice, and through a meticulous approach to each shot presents a film of unique and extravagant art.” The project “Soul of nature” was described as a “non-narrative meditative, documentary and experimental project that portrays the great commitment of the auteur’s team to capture the hitherto cinematically unexplored nature of Montenegro. The wordless film finds thematic focus by pointing out to ecology and natural resources that seek the needed protection.”