The Foundation for Cinematography Sarajevo has published the Decision on the selection of beneficiaries of funding intended for co-financing film projects in 2019.

In the category of co-financing minority co-productions, support was also provided to the Montenegrin feature-length project “Sirin”, of director Senad Šahmanović and in co-production of company Dokument, for which KM 40,000.00 (approximately EUR 20,500.00) was allocated. The jury of experts for allocation of funding consisted of Nedžad Ibrahimović (president of the jury), Zlatko Topčić, Zoran Galić, Miro Barnjak, and Ivo Krešić.

Project “Sirin” was assisted by the Film Centre of Montenegro in terms of co-financing the development of the project and production, whereas it recently received support from the Kosovo Cinematography Centre in the category of minority co-productions.

The producer of the project is Veliša Popović (Cut-Up), while the scriptwriters are Claudia Bottino and Senad Šahmanović.

The plot follows Nathalie, a Parisian lawyer, who is returning to Montenegro to ensure the fulfillment of the client’s will, after twenty years abroad. This unusual case of inheritance slowly turns into an inquiry about Nathalie’s own past and herself.