The Film Centre of Montenegro has established a cooperation with the international short film festival “Balkans Beyond Borders”, which took place in Athens from 17 to 20 October this year.

International festival “Balkans Beyond Borders” is an annual thematic short film festival held in a different Balkan city each year. It celebrates Balkan diversity and inspires the audience and creators to reflect on burning contemporary issues through the medium of the short film.

Two short films from Montenegro – “Peloid”, directed by Bojan Stijović and “A head full of joy”, directed by Branislav Milatović were shown among other short live-action films which appeared on the programme of this year’s edition of the festival within the selection out of competition dedicated to the partners.

Furthermore, a Montenegrin film “Mirror” by Milan Tatar and Ivo Lacmanović was part of the selection in competition.

Danijela Radulović, the advisor for film production and complementary activities, who at the same time serves as the ambassador of the festival in Montenegro, attended the festival on behalf of the Film Centre of Montenegro.

The organizers of the festival discussed the potential extension of cooperation through the organizing of one of the festival’s future editions in Montenegro.

A meeting was arranged with Mrs. Ana Vukadinović, the Ambassador of Montenegro to Greece, during which the possibilities of improvement and extension of cooperation with Greece in the field of cinematography were considered.