The Film Centre of Montenegro will support seven projects in the category of minority co-productions with the amount of EUR 240,000.00.

This is owing to the Council’s Decision and on the proposal of expert consultants, consisting of Varja Djukić, actress, Gojko Berkuljan, director and Stefan Bošković, screenwriter.

In accordance with the Decision, the following projects received support: “Death of the Little Match Girl” (Goran Kulenović, Croatia), “The Island at the Bottom” (Milos Radivojević, Serbia), “Labour Day” (Mladen Djordjevic, Serbia), “The Keepers of the Formula”(Dragan Bjelogrlić, Serbia) ,“ Sister ”(Dina Duma, North Macedonia),“Mother Mara”(Mirjana Karanović, Serbia),“ The Labudović Reels ”(Mila Turajlić, Serbia).

As far as the project “Death of the Little Match Girl”, directed by Goran Kulenović, expert consultants stated that it was “a skillfully developed detective story based on authentic characters, lucid denouements and a narrative indicating to the multilayered script. Combining humorous sequences and bizarre miniatures provides this concisely designed work with a few more levels of interpretation.” “The Island at the Bottom” directed by Milos Radivojević, “brings a new perspective on the brutal oppression on Goli otok (Barren Island). With a very authentic and strong directorial vision, the auteur shifts the perspective from which we observe the numerous transformations of the characters, their struggle and the consequences that inevitably explain our present.” The project “Labour Day” directed by Mladen Djordjević, “examines the capabilities of human potential and the need for rebellion.” Conflicting groups are confined within a framework that is transitioning from socialist to capitalist society and as such, rejected, they are finding the strength in their escape from injustice. Through adept scriptwriting mechanisms, the auteur transforms personalities with subtle actions of the character that vary between realism and fiction. “The Keepers of the Formula”, directed by Dragan Bjelogrlić, is a “thriller placed in the midst of the threat of a nuclear war. It is a powerful psychological drama saturated with constant tension created by the claustrophobia of space and characters. The entire script is conceived on the principle of the clash: the clash of ambition and ethics, emotion and reason, driver and survival. From a series of narrative and metaphysical clashes, the work brings an optimistic attitude of good over evil.” Expert consultants described the project “Sisters”, directed by Dina Duma as “an emotional, incisive and convincing story about female friendship, about a journey – realistic and symbolic. The script provides a compelling image of growing up, functioning of opposites, maturing and reconsidering one’s intentions. Interspersed with a variety of genres, the script is given sufficient space to strip off the heroines entirely. ” The project “Mother Mara”, directed by Mirjana Karanović, “points to a generational gap, incomprehension, and misunderstanding among loved ones. The script is constructed as a continuous fall of the heroine, who must hit the bottom in order to awaken and rise again. The description of today from the point of view of a successful woman raises many questions that we face daily, and through a clear concept “Mother Mara” testifies to the impertinence of modern society ”. The project “The Labudović Reels”, directed by Mila Turajlić, is “dedicated to Tito’s cameraman and hero of Algeria, and reveals the background story of the turbulent events of half a century ago through the experience of the man who recorded them. “The Labudović Reels”, is a story that takes us “behind the scenes” where we realize the importance of cinematic images and their power to reassess, change society and create a fairer human order. ”

You can access the Decision here.