The Kosovo Cinematography Centre has published annual results related to the co-financing of the production of cinematographic works. A total of 29 projects in different categories earned the support, and amongst them are as many as two projects from Montenegro.

The live-action feature film “Sirin”, directed by Senad Šahmanović, produced by company Cut-Up and co-produced by company Buka, received support in the amount of EUR 37,000.00.

The feature-length documentary film “I was ten years old” (working title “Kosovo refugees in Montenegro in 1999”), directed by Velibor Čović, produced by A production and co-produced by “KSIZ”, was provided assistance of EUR 20,000.00.

It should be recalled that the project “Sirin” received funds from the Film Centre of Montenegro at the competitions for co-financing the project development and production of a live-action feature film, while the project “I was ten years old” received funds at the competition for co-financing a feature-length documentary film.