The Mirko Kovač Award will be ceremoniously given for the fifth time in Rovinj on 28 September 2019 in Gandusio Cinema, which is the closing event of the 6th Days of Mirko Kovač.

The Best Script Award will be presented to the Montenegrin director and scriptwriter Ivan Salatić.

The Mirko Kovač Award is presented in four categories: Best Novel, Best Young Auteur’s Work, Best Essay Book, and Best Script for Books and Films published in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia and Serbia during 2018.

This year, the jury consisted of Predrag Antonijević, Vlaho Bogišić (the president of the jury), Enver Kazaz and Dragan Radulović. The selectors for certain categories were Mića Vujičić (novel), Tomislav Brlek (essay), Srđan V. Tešin (young auteur’s work) and Bruno Kragić (script).

The film “You Have the Night” directed by Ivan Salatić, whose script received the aforementioned award, premiered last year in the official program of the Venice Film Festival. “You Have the Night” is Salatić’s first live-action feature film.