The Council manages the Film Centre, being in charge of:

  • adopting the Articles of Association of the Film Centre;
  • determining the business policy and programme concept of the development of the Film Centre;
  • adopting the Work Programme of the Film Centre; adoption of the artistic programme and rules for the realization of the artistic programme of the Film Centre;
  • passing the Act on Internal Organization and Systematization of Job Positions of the Film Centre and other general acts;
  • adopting reports on the work and reports on the financial operations of the Film Centre;
  • determining the prices of products and services provided by the Film Centre, subject to the prior consent of the state administration authority responsible for finances;
  • proposing to the founder of the statutory changes of the Film Center;
  • adopting the Rules of Procedure of the Council;
  • performing other tasks in accordance with the Law, Articles of Association and other general acts of the Film Centre.

Members of the Council of the Film Centre of Montenegro are as follows:

  • Radomir Milovic, President;
  • Zorana Kralj, Member;
  • Andrej Nikolaidis, Member;
  • Ilija Subotić, Member.